Prof. N. B. Bhopale
Qualification : BE Civil, MTech (ET)
Experience: 13 Years

Principal Message

Education is an effective means to build the nation and inculcate decent culture in humanity which will make this a world a better place to live in. Education does play a vital role to bring about all round development of the society and the nation in general. Before building the nation it builds the human beings and through them it contributes to the great cause of nation building. Whatever the scenario of progress which we around us in our society and nation in general it is just because of education. Shri. Ravindraji Mane, an eminent politician and visionary scholar founded Probodhan Shikshan Sanstha a decade ago realizing the importance and need of education especially of technical education in Kokan region. Now this education institute has been transformed into a huge educational institute operating and catering to the needs of the people through its diverse branches like Engineering, diploma engineering, MBA, Pharmacy and of course school both Marathi and English medium schools and junior colleges at Ambav and in Ratnagiri district. Rajendra Mane Polytechnic an integral part of PSPS began in the year 2010 and in a short period of two and half years it has attained the commendable milestones of progress. Today it is regarded as one of the best polytechnics in Kokan region. Our polytechnic is still in its development stage. In due course of time we will reach to desired stage of advancement. The present state of the institute is really worth commending and of course its entire credit goes progressive outlook of the management and administration. We provide all possible situations and conditions in which the students can acquire knowledge and acquire, improvise and master the skills, culture and of course a positive and optimistic attitude which will shine them in their realm of interest. To make our students technically sound in knowledge and experience and make them stand to test of any of challenges either caused by globalization and saturation and problematic situations and conditions in career filed, we organize industrial projects and summer training, seminars, symposiums. We also give special emphasis in organizing workshops on soft skills, time management, team management and stress management which befit them intellectually, emotionally for their future profile. We also provide them relief and from monotony of technical life and by organizing various curricular and extracurricular activities like Horizon 2k which make them express their skills in artistic and cultural realm. Our activities show that our polytechnic has absolute faith in the all round development of the students. Our polytechnic is in its third year and placement activities are in full swing. To enable our students to stand up to the expectation of corporate companies, we arrange different sorts of competitions like mock interviews, technical quiz, debate, conversations and periodical interaction activities. All these activities are conducted to make the students realize the needs and expectation of the corporate world of which they would be the part in future. We are sure that the skills and potential which they will acquire from such activities will lead them to their professional growth and success. When we assess an education institute of course the academic achievements and accomplishments and are important but what should be greatly judged whether they have acquired and inculcated in themselves culture, tradition and outlook of the institute where they spend valuable period of their lives. As the head of this institute I feel that my students would pass and shine in this assessment and judgment. They would not only be good students and successful professionals but also good human beings. It is our strong conviction and faith that the development of the institute not only lies in the hands of the management but also on the reciprocation, support and assistance of the parents and students indomitable will to be successful. I hope that in the times to come we all of us would be together in the mission of making our polytechnic a celebrated and honored center of excellence. At present our students are really doing marvelous to achieve their dreams and wishes and ambitions and would be in the working in the field which they and their parents always aspired for.