Rajendra Mane Polytechnic

RMP is residential college situated at Ambav Devrukh, pleasant lush green area of Konkan region which is land of hills and beauty.

The main Aim of this institution is to import Quality Technical education in need based courses, facilitate the Industry-Institution-Interaction by CO-relating the theoretical knowledge with industrial application and to promote research in engineering fields.


To be a premier technical institute in India providing career-oriented quality technical education to generate qualified, skilled and globally competent manpower responsive to technical and social needs.


  • To provide life long culture for learning and knowledge creation through best educational facilities to student and staff
  • To equip students technical skills and soft skills including ethical values to prepare them for entrepreneurship and employment in rapidly changing global market scenario.
  • To prepare students to overcome individual, professional, engineering, environmental and social challenges.
  • To provide career oriented certificate programs with active industry participation to give employability to our students.


Sr No Name of Member Designation in Committee
1 Shri Ravindra M.Mane Chairman
2 Shri Manohar A. Surve Vice - Chairman
3 Mrs. Neha R. Mane Executive Chair Person
4 Shri Chandrakant S. Yadav Secretary
5 Shri Dilip S.Jadhav Jt. Secretary
6 Mrs. Jayshree Vijay Dalvi Treasurer
7 Ms. Janhavi R. Mane Trustee
8 Shri. Manohar Mane Trustee
9 Shri. Sanjay Neve Trustee

Board of Governors

Board of Governors

Sr No. Name of the Member Designation in Committee
1 Mr. Ravindra M. Mane. Chairman
(2-5) Mr. Dilip Shivram Jadhav
Mr. Manohar Surve
Mrs. Neha R. Mane
Mr. Ashok Keshav Mohire.
Members nominated by trust
6 Regional Officer (Ex-officio)
WRO, AICTE, Mumbai
AICTE Nominee
7 Director ofTechnical Education ( Ex- Ofiicio)
D.T.E., M.S., Mumbai
DTE Nominee
8 Secretary, MSBTE Mumbai. MSBTE Nominee
9 Mr. Vasant Manohar Pitre
Director, Sushrut Surgicals Pvt. Ltd.
10 Dr. Narendra P. Tendolkar
Principal, Athley Sapre College, Devrukh
11 Mr. N. B. Bhopale
Principal Rajendra Mane Polytechnic, Ambav
Member Secretary
(12-13) Mr. Mitkari Sominath S.
Mr. Yadav Amit A.
Two Faculty Members
(14-15) Mr. Sanjay Neve, Architect
Mr.Pandit S.R. Chartered Accountant.
Co-Opted Members


Sr No. Name of the Member Designation in Committee
1 Mrs. Mane Neha R. Ex-officio Chairman
2 Prof. Bhopale N. B. Ex-officio Member
3 Mr. Yadav A. A. (HOD CO) Ex-officio Member
4 Ms. Rahate M. M. (HOD EJ) Ex-officio Member
5 Mr. Dongare G. U. (HOD ME) Ex-officio Member
6 Mr. Ambekar P. L. (HOD AE) Ex-officio Member
7 Mr. Bhingarde S.C. (Lect. Mathematics) Faculty Representative
8 Mr. Pawaskar A. V. Academic Coordinator
9 Ms. Jadhav Shital S. (T.Y. Civil Engg.) Student Representative
10 Mr. Shetye Atharv R . (T.Y. Civil Engg.) Student Representative
11 Mr. Shetye Rajesh Parents Representative